This week on Twitter, we elect a President, we welcome the holidays and we deal with the aftermath of Sandy. 

@ChrisGrace - Pretty sure this whole election was just viral marketing for Nate Silver's book.

@JohnFugelsang - A bit embarrassing that on a day the new James Bond film opens America's top spy Petraeus has to resign for having sex.

@GarryShandling - If you're head of the CIA and can't hide an extramarital affair it means it can't be done. Case closed, fellas.

@unmarketing - Today is a good day to be on Sesame Street.

@sanderssays - As your confidence in your team increases, delegate some authority, defer some tasks, & then let go.

@justinlevy - Pro Tip: If you know someone is busy, sending them email after email for the same thing doesn’t help. Pick up the phone - it’s quicker.

‏@amirkhella - Entrepreneurs: The only people who work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hour weeks

@DroidSecretTips - #Android tip: You can enter your own keyboard shortcuts by going to Settings->Applications->Quick Launch

@AmberCadabra - Today it got dark before 5pm and I saw the first Christmas-related commercial. NOT YET DAMMIT! I’m not ready.

@derekhalpern - Watching people with power AND gas in their car wait in a gas line for hours because of a "shortage" is a lesson in the psychology of fear.

@nanina7777 is now independent in gas and hemispherically independent in oil which has large geopolitical implications for #Europe and #China.'

@shashib - Companies could find themselves fighting misconceptions in social media instead of marketing their products #sncr

@gapingvoid -  I always found success way more corrupting than any decent, hard working person would think.

@FactJournal  - Facebook trademarked the words “face”, “book”, “wall”, “poke” and “like.”

@smoothsale - Collaboration in a workshop launches your business more quickly than going it alone.

@MarthaStewart - Dont use too much coriander in your meatballs.

@prbecca - We understand the importance of creativity. Just because something is text based doesn't mean it can't be engaging!

@MrStevenGeorge  It's never obvious that the Powerful Oak Tree everyone sees was just a Little Acorn with potential that few could recognize.  

@ValaAfshar - If the customer experience is poor, you're efficiently pushing your customer to your competition. 

@DanVForbes  - Ever send an email and realize by the reply you get, that the recipient never read it. Seems to happen more and more.

@alanlepo  - I love it when a #socbiz vendor actually deals with me by using their own product. You'd be surprised how many don't!

Gene Marks CPA is a small business expert and analyst and the author of five best selling books on business management including "The Manufacturer's Book of Lists," "In God We Trust, Everyone Else Pays Cash" and "Outfoxing The Small Business Owner."

Gene is President of The Marks Group PC, a ten person technology and management consulting firm that serves more than six hundred companies around the country.  Gene was formerly a senior manager at the international accounting firm of KPMG. You can follow him on Twitter @genemarks.