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Small Business of the Day: SCV Tutors

Who: Sue Cowling, 49, @SCVtutors

What: Tutoring center

When: 1998

How: Cowling began tutoring out of her home while working as a second grade teacher in 1998 while living in Nebraska. She later moved to California, and spent some time working at a tutoring center while also maintaining her day job teaching. She opened her first tutoring center in 2007.

"We started off as a tutoring center where parents would drop their kids off and pick them up an hour later. Now we have an after-school program where we pick kids up from school, get all of their homework done, and give them extra help and enrichment," Cowling said.

The center also hosts a summer program that preps kids for their next year in school and community service projects.  

Where: Santa Clarita, Calif.

In her own words: " Most tutoring centers are like daycares. I don't consider mine a daycare. They're getting study skills and enrichment."

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